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St Moritz 2018

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St Moritz 2018 Camps will be held during the summer of 2018 and there will be four camps in total. 

Camp 1 - from July 22nd till July 28th

Camp 2 - from July 29th till August 4th

Camp 3 - from August 5th till August 11th

Camp 4 - from August 12th till August 18th

Camp fee is 150 Euros per person, camp fee covers only coaching. Pool entry and accommodation is not covered! You can contact me if you need help in finding suitable accommodation. Pool entry prices are here.

During this camp, you will get individual advice on swimming, biking, and running techniques, 
In camp you can expect:

Swim training – techniques for each athlete, use of swim tools, stroke correction, and specific training for triathlon.

Bike training – positioning,  a technique for the individual athlete, bicycle, and components selection, skills and handling, specific training for triathlon.

Run training – a technique for the individual athlete, shoe choice, use of run tools, specific training for triathlon.

Triathlon – integration of swim, bike and run into the one training approach.

Injuries prevention  – massage, warm up and warm downs, treatment and training during injury.

Race strategies – strategy for the individual athlete and season goals.