Running in triathlon and in long distance running races

Running in triathlon and in long distance running races

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Picture that tells a lot about  running in triathlon and in distance running events. If you look at it with coaches eye and some experience in triathlon then you can notice few important things.

First you  will notice synchronization of those two people and as you will see in few more pictures that synhronization is almost perfect. It is not so much important but it can teach you that training with good training partner can benefit you and it can tell you  something about genetics (it is written in below in the fourth paragraph). 

Second is the technique of running especially the biomechanics of the stride. Let s go from back leg; as you see the foot of the back leg does not go very high, it is low and ready for next step, that means good efficiency and no vasting precious energy. That is really good for triathletes as they are facing dead legs tired from bike leg, Also the stride is short which allows higher cadence, which is detrimental in executing fast results in triathlon. As we all know our stride in triathlon race can not be long like in running on fresh legs, I am convinced that running stride in triathlon race is shorter generally up to 20% if we compare to running on fresh legs.

Third relates to front foot, as you can see front foot of both these athletes is similar and you see that they are landing on their heel. This is important as we see many mainstream media and coaches are suggesting landing on front of the foot! It is not going to happend! In triathlon racing and in long distance running events there is just few athletes that are running on front of the foot. Other 98/99% of them are running mid foot or they are landing on their heel. Remember that and take the info with you. In Mother Nature eyes she created our heel to be our shock absorber. Also remember we are talking about long distance running events and triathlon not sprint races of 100-200m.

Fourth and really important is something that is hard to see on this picture. Let me give you an inside info: these two are father and son. Yes genetics is important,  not as much in predicting success in sports but in providing important inputs for the coach. So, in the area of running technique, parents will be good example of how their kids will run. In sport of triathlon we have a lot of parents and kids training with the same tri club or with the same coach .This is often seen in  triathlon. Importance of looking of the parents run comes in handy when you teaching some kid or a young person on how to run. Coach with this in mind will know that daughter or son will not make big difference in running technique and style from their parents.

So keep in mind few important things:

  1. try to run with higher cadence, with lower back foot, 
  2. land on heel or mid foot, and accept it., 
  3. You Coach; look at kids parents it can provide you important stuff. 

For now I wil not talk about arm movement, this should be discused in next blogs.

So, to give my final touch; every individual is very individual :), so find the optimal cadence, landing and stride lenght for you, but be aware of above facts, it will help you. Ask your   teammate, or a friend or  ask your parents and finally go to your coach and discuss with them and find optimum for you!

This is first blog on my page, so I hope that you enjoyed it. 


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