Micro blog 1 (10x Ironman Method)

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Micro Blog 1 (10x Ironman Method)
How to begin a training week if you are training for IM? It's very important to know how to start because we have only 10 hours per week to get ready for an IM race. 
There are two options as the begining of a new week depends on the work done for weekend.
Option 1 is a day off from training. Of course, it's difficult to begin with no training, but you will resting and so plan DAY OFF.
Option 2 is an easy Swim session. I would always opt for swim session beacuse of the recovery benefits that swim gives me, however important is to have your own approach. 
So, an easy swim session will consist of easy low aerobic intervals and some short sprints or accelerations of maximum 10seconds. This way we get 2 benefits:
1. recovery through easy swimming, 
2. boosting our swim capabilites without building fatigue. Swim well and think of quality strokes for your next IM.
10x times faster with 10hours per week